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D50 - Iris Camera
Nikon D50 Iris Camera
This tried and tested 6 megapixel camera delivers great images. The D50 will shoot in Jpeg and NEF - Digital Negative Files.

The Nikon Viewer software that comes with this package will enable you to open RAW files, converting them into your preferred format.

If you are using Adobe products, a free download program is available from their website which will allow RAW files to be opened and saved as DNG files. These may be opened inside Photoshop or Elements.

The D50 may be used in simple point-and-shoot mode, without the need for a tripod. All iris colors reproduce well, including the dark Haematogenic type. The D50 iris camera comes with many accessories, as listed below:

Nikon 105 Macro Lens
Illumination System
Modelling Light
Battery Pack
Power Supply
5 Hooded Focus Bulbs
Pelican Waterproof Case
Compact Flash Card 1GB
Card Reader USB 2.0
Spare Camera Battery
Batteries - 4AA NiMh
Battery Charger (30 min.)

With the purchase of additional lens this camera maybe used for recreational and professional purposes.

D50 - Iris Camera Samples
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